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Special Wedding Songs.

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Special Wedding Songs.

Daniel Beckford

The special songs are the songs you pick for the formalities of the evening. Here is a list of special songs to consider. Starting from the ceremony if you have asked your DJ to play at the ceremony.


This is the music that accompanies the walk down the aisle. You'll need to pick a song for your bridesmaids to walk down the aisle to, and then a song for the bride's entrance there is the traditional choices like "Here Comes the Bride” or you can go for something completely different to personalise it.

Walking down the aisle Wellington DJ Hire


The recessional is the opposite of the processional. It's when you walk down the aisle, but the other way. For your big exit, you could go with something more upbeat because the pressure is off now that you've gotten through the vows. 

Reception entrance

This song is a song to mark the bride and groom's entrance into the reception. The wedding party can enter first with a song. Then followed by the bride and groom's entrance with a different song. The MC or the DJ can announce the entrance of the wedding party, the bride and groom. It should be a celebratory song and it's a great chance to set the tone for the party. 

The first dance

 Yes, everyone knows they need a first dance, but most people struggle trying to find the perfect song. If you don't already have "your song," we have plenty of first dance song suggestions.

Father and Daughter dance

Traditionally, the father of the bride dances with his daughter on the dance floor after the first dance. It can be something personal or traditional.


 If you make your cake-cutting a ceremonial event, pick out an upbeat song since it is usually a fun, sweet part of the evening

Bouquet toss

 For this fun part of the wedding, another upbeat song is in order.  Beyoncé - Single Ladies is a really good fun song or just pick another fun, romantic song. And if you choose to have a garter toss, the same rules apply.

Bouquet toss wellington dj hire

The Last Dance

Will be the final song of the night, its great to bring everybody together to celebrate the day and finish it off on with a great song that everyone knows and can sing along to.

Customize Your Wedding

Pick music that has special meaning to you. It is a way of adding your own personal touch and makes your wedding unique. You may not want a first dance or a bouquet toss but I hope this list gives you some great ideas when planning your wedding.

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